Monday, March 19, 2012

Toilets Are For Potty

by Kris Pitcher

I have to bring something to every one's attention. This is something that really bothers me. A lot. It happens at every gym I have ever been at. And I'm sure it happens at your gym too.

This is a simple issue of gym etiquette, and also hygiene as far as I'm concerned. Ready? Here we go. Toilets are for going to the bathroom. Toilets are not for changing your clothes.

PLEASE STOP CHANGING YOUR CLOTHES IN THE TOILET! Please. The reason I wish you would not change your clothes in the toilet is I have to pee.

I am tired of waiting for you while you change in one of the FEW toilet stalls. Plus, it's not the most sanitary place to strip down. I don't see how you keep your clothes from draping all over the bowl. Stop it.

See all those EMPTY shower stalls? At my gym I counted six of them. Six! Completely empty. You might consider changing there so I don't pee my pants. I can't be called, "Pee pants!"

I realize you are modest. Seriously, no one is checking you out while you change into your workout clothes. We all have boobs. Go in the back corner where no one ever is. But please stop changing in the toilet.

Besides, doesn't it feel awkward for you to have people waiting on you while you're in there? Where you're not really supposed to be? OK, it's out of my system now.

At least I have my privacy out in the open locker room. But I swear, if I pee my pants waiting for you...I will hunt down your locker and trade out my clothes for yours! Besides, your boots were really cute.

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