Friday, March 23, 2012

Head Games

by Kris Pitcher

It can be hard to get your head in the game with your plan. A greater challenge can be to keep it in the game. Think of all the resolutioner's gone by the wayside.

Sometimes we say we want something, but we can't seem to get ourselves to do what's necessary. We can't get our head in the game. This is a tough issue.

There are some really important things we can do to set ourselves up for success in this department.

It starts with getting really clear on what's important to us. You've heard me say this before. A lot.

Getting clear on why you want something is what will get you to your goal. To simply say you want to lose weight isn't enough. You've got to figure out why it's important.

This is how you get your head in the game. You keep it in the game by holding that importance, that value, right at the surface. How? Any way you can.

Tell people you love, make a vision board, write it on the refrigerator, put a quote on your mirror, leave a note in your calendar, buy new workout clothes, keep a goal chart with gold what ever works for you.

I've got a quote on my bathroom mirror, a contest picture on the refrigerator, and I stay very connected with my personal values on a daily basis. I am good at this. I'm good at it because I practice it every day.

Keeping your head in the game doesn't happen by accident. You have to work at it. You have to surround yourself with the right tools to create your success. That's how this works. Now, get your game plan together and get your head back in this game!


  1. I agree totally. Ive wished and wished and tried and tried to get fit and healthy over the last 10 years. Nothing. Actually i did get unhealthier and fatter. Not until I got a clear reason of why and set goals and really got my head in the game did i start to see progress. Im healthier today now more then Ive ever been! Great Advice

  2. This is a very good reminder for me. I am focused on my goals but with things going on on my life its hard. But this gives me somw really good ideas to keep focused no matter what!!! :)