Saturday, March 17, 2012

Perfect Fitting Jeans

by Kris Pitcher

You could say...I'm between sizes. I have a handful of pairs of jeans in my closet and none of them fit me right now. I've got the cute skinny jeans that I wear when I'm dieting. I blinged out the pockets...super cute!

But those bad girls would take one look at my thighs and fold themselves over laughing. I've been kind of sad about it. I have one pair that actually does fit, but I wanted something new. So, I went on a quest to find a new pair of jeans.

Twenty pairs of jeans later I felt worse than dejected. Some 7/8s fell off, while others barely went over my knee. You get them to the point of resistance at your knee and you look at your thigh knowing this is not going to work.

Some 9/10s would fit two of me, and others wouldn't zip up. Flat butt, pockets too wide, or too low. Pant legs too short, or WAY too long. My hamstrings curve out and my quads feel thick. Nothing was right.

Maybe finding the perfect pair of jeans isn't possible, and maybe I shouldn't be shopping when I'm at my off season size. But I want something cute right now, regardless of what size they are.

The next day I pulled on the one pair of jeans I do have that actually come up over my thighs. First I noticed the color, and I'm happy with the darkness of the dye. They have some stretch...that's a bonus. The pockets are cute, and in just the right place. The waist is not too low...I'm not a teeny bopper after all. Hmm? The length is even just right.

It turns out the perfect fitting jeans were in my closet all along. And they fit me right now, the size I am. Sometimes we have to look right in front of us and want what we have. Have you been looking for something that's right in front of you? Where are your perfect fitting jeans?

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