Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do The Thing In Front Of You

by Kris Pitcher

I heard a really motivating thing from a woman who helps people find their way forward when facing a disaster. She said, "Do the thing in front of you."

Immediately I reached for my purse so I could write it down in my tiny book of big ideas. Do the thing in front of you. That's how we make progress. That's how we find focus toward our goals. That's how we get this "thing" done.

We do the thing in front of us. And then we do the next thing. And then the thing after that. We can't get from point A to point D. We have to take some steps in between.

There are steps in between the steps too. We break it down, and we do that thing. That's the only way it gets done. No one will do it for you, and you can't skip the step in front of you.

Do the thing in front of you. It also makes me think about facing that thing. We can't ignore it. We must face it, see what our options are, and make a decision about what we will do...then do it. This is how we find success. Step by step.

It makes me think about being present as well. Being present to complete the thing in front of you means you are not consumed with the next step. You are focused on the task at hand. You are not distracted by the "what if's". You just do the one thing.

Look at what is in front of you right now. What has been in front of you, and what have you been trying to push those things. This is such a simple and exciting concept. It's freeing. Be focused, be present, and do the thing in front of you.

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