Saturday, March 3, 2012

212: The Extra Degree

by Kris Pitcher

What separates good from great? Is it the difference between just showing up in life and doing something more? What if you went the extra degree? Watch this 3 minute video...

212: The Extra Degree

In competition, in business, and in life a very few actually go the extra degree. It's hard. It takes extra time, time away from your hobbies, families...your movie line up.

Those who make the extra effort reap the reward. Will you be standing next to that person? Or will you BE that person? The choice is really yours.

I think about the goals I hear people say they would like to achieve in their health and fitness pursuits...but when it really comes down to it, they don't want to actually change their life.

Make it boil!
It's being accountable and taking responsibility for enacting change in your life which brings change in your health and in your body. Want those six pack abs? Do the work. Period.

It takes one degree. What will that look like in your life? Be the change you want, and live that right now. Don't wait for's all within you. Take charge and take your life the extra degree. Make life boil!

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