Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strangled By My Tights

by Kris Pitcher

A dry day warranted wearing my suede boots and a skirt. But this is not the time of year to go without tights, nor were my legs in any condition to do so. I pulled the first pair out of the drawer and pulled them on.

I could tell it was going to be a problem. But my mornings are precision timed, and there was no time to worry about it. There were more important things to do like pack my cooler.

Eleven hours later I slammed my trunk closed and marched into the gym like I was going to catch on fire. I smiled at the nice girl at the counter, said my pleasantries and power walked (in my cute boots) to the locker room.

I stripped off those tights and threw them on the floor so fast I had barely taken my jacket off. But these things had been STRANGLING me all day. The waistband had been rolling down my rear like they were trying to sneak away!

Once I was in my gym clothes I looked around to make sure no one was looking and I threw them, hard, in the trash. I wanted to make sure they hit the bottom, beneath the paper towels.

If your clothes are ill fitting, too small, too big, don't feel good, don't flatter you...let them go! Less in your wardrobe is more when it comes to feeling good in our clothes. There is no use hanging on to pieces that don't work for us, or have some glaring defect.

Why those tights had made their way back in my drawer is beyond me. No more! And, for who ever has to take out the trash at the gym: I'm sorry. I know it's creepy when people throw away their near undergarments there. But these stranglers had to go!


  1. This is a lesson that I am slowly learning as my wardrobe is dwindling. For some reason, though, I keep holding on to those too large buggers!

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