Monday, March 12, 2012

You Never Actually Get Where You're Going

by Kris Pitcher

Many of us, as we begin "this", are destination bound. The truth is, you never actually get where you're going. Another Yogiism.

It's true though. You never get to a place and think, "Here I am! I'm done!" There isn't any such place. The "place" or target is always moving. You might think, yeah but I have a specific goal. And that's great!

When you reach that're not just finished. It isn't "over". You set a new goal. Or you work to maintain where you are. It's never just done.

This goes along well with what you've heard me say lots of times: we only have to do weight management as long as we want it to work.

We do it for the rest of our lives because we never actually get where we're going. You can look at this two ways. You can think - holy cow that's depressing!

Or, you can think - wow, that takes the pressure off, because I don't have to be in a rush. I can take my time, do this right and keep moving ahead.

You can guess which perspective I prefer. Having the mindset that one day we'll get there means that this is temporary. It's not temporary.

It's your new way of life. If you hate it, you need some new ways of doing it, and a way to get clear on what's important to you. Until you get clear on associating your new habits with values that are important to're going to hate it. That's just unnecessary.

Knowing that you never actually get where you're going, gives you the freedom to make adjustments, to change course and to re-evaluate. What you're working toward now is just one step in a life's path. It's not the end all.

You'll get further, with greater success in this journey knowing that you never actually get where you're going. This notion keeps you moving ahead, making progress and looking for the next challenge!  


  1. How true this rings. I am on week #51 of my new diet with your husband Jacques. I keep hearing things like, “It only works as long as you do it.” I had my doctors’ physical 31 weeks ago before I started doing any exercise. She emphasized that the way I eat is not temporary to reach a goal but life changing. I assured her I understood that at the time. I was tricking myself back then, not really seeing the big picture and how long changing a lifetime of bad habits. My path seems clear now even though the “END goal” is changing my short term goals keep me on track for my life.

  2. And you've made amazing progress Gary! Your physical progress is one thing, but it's the mindset you're changing that will keep you moving ahead for a lifetime. I'm still gonna call you "big guy" though! :) Congratulations!